Dental Implant & Computer Guided Implant Treatment

The success of dental implant depends on patient selection, dental implant brand, experience of the dental team and technology. The technology at Grace Dental is one of the latest and most high-end, ensuring the best results.

 coDiagnostiX™ Guided Surgery Software

coDiagnostiX™ is a computer software for specialists and dental laboratories to plan dental implants. This software allows seamless communication between prosthodontists, oral surgeons and lab technicians to deliver predictable and desirable outcomes.



Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Computer guided implant surgery assists us in the evaluation of jaw bones to determine the optimal position for implant placement, assures the accuracy of implant placement by surgical guides and the creation of naturally-looking restoration for each patient. The high accuracy of computer guided implant surgery builds confidence and predictability of implant treatment, delivering exceptional outcomes in a faster and safer way for our patients.