At Grace Dental, we strictly adhere to sterilization standard requirements and put efforts in exceeding the requirements set by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health. Dental instruments and tools are disinfected by specialized detergents and cleaned by ultrasonic cleansers which removes foreign bodies which may be trapped in the instruments. It is then autoclaved in Class B Autoclave machine prior to packing and sealing for individual use. The external sterile tape on each pack indicates the expiry date and the pack has undergone appropriate sterilization by autoclaving. Water suck-back system handpieces prevent cross-contamination. All dental treatment rooms are disinfected by single-use disposable towels and equipped with air ventilation suction system. We monitor each step of sterilization, ensuring that our clinic is up to and above the standards, and are accredited as a High Quality Dental Clinic by the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health.