Dear Staff in reception at Grace Dental Clinic Chiangmai, I want to express my thanks and gratitude to you all and especially Prof.Korakot for her meticulous attention to making my recent Patial denture comfortable to wear.
I arrived home to NZ last night and find my teeth are comfortable and look very natural and I am very pleased with the outcome of ALL my dental treatment received over the past 2 weeks.
Thank you for arranging enough appointments in short time to accommodate my needs. I will be recommending your cling to anyone I know who is seeking dental treatment.
With my thanks and Kind regards.


Beverley M. from New Zealand
Dr.Korakot and the team at Grace Dental Care have restored my faith in the dental industry. What an amazing group of dental specialists and staff. I could not faith the support, caring and expert treatment. The whole experience from the first email to the final check up was so professional. The dental work is of the highest standards. Dr.Korakot explained the whole process, drew up a plan, with no pressure on me. The entire team worked very hard to achieve the best results for me in very time constricted schedule, well above & beyond any expectations.
I have had a complete dental make-over in 10 days. It has changed my life. The reception staff were very welcoming and helpful. The dental assistants were gentle and caring.
I will be recommending Grace Dental Care to all my friends back home. Thank you so much.


Valerie R. from New Zealand
I have been a patient at Grace Dental for almost 13 years and very satisfied customer! The level of professionalism and personal attention to my dental needs will keep me coming back. I have had cleanings, root canals, extractions, fillings and finally dental implants. The excellent health of my mouth and teeth is partly my oral hygiene routine and mostly the quality dental work done by Grace Dental. I am grateful.


Janah C. from USA
Being a patient of the Grace Dental Clinic since the mid 2007, I am happy to state that through all the years I have been treated with the highest professional standards, with the kindest personal care and with always State-of-the-Art technology.
Lately for instance, I had to undergo an intervention for implants, highly complex because of poor bone quality of my jaw. Thanks to very clear and profound explanations about the whole procedure, given by Professor Dr.Korakot, when I explored whether to do implants or not, I won deep trust and agree to the surgery. The intervention was perfectly executed by Dr.Chayarop without suffering any side effects whatsoever. I fully enjoy life again, and am pleased to highly recommend the Grace Dental Care Clinic.


Jolanda Sh. from Switzerland
Dear people of the Grace Dental Clinic,
How long ago I was with you, to let me make nice teeth? In fact I do not exactly remember, but today I want to let you know that I am so happy with my new look and full of grateful feeling about the work you did.
So my special thanks to Professor Korakot Boripantakul for the first visit and further I like to say to Marisa Sukapatte: thanks you so much for the friendly and specialize way you treated me and gave me my new MOUTH-OUTFIT.
Big smile and warm greeting from Holland,


Wien V. from Holland
We highly recommend Grace Dental for their excellent work and caring staff. Dr.Korakot + Dr.Chayarop were very helpful in explaining each step of the way, and gave u great confidence at every stage. From Tdong and the reception desk staff, the dental assistants and many more, the entire experience was very positive.


Darlene R. from Canada
Dear Tdong,
Please, thank you all the dentist and nurses for the treatment and implants that were put in. The whole clinic was very professional from the start to the finish. You and the girls on reception we outstanding in organizing my appointments. Thank you once again. Kind regards,


Robert P. from Australia
Most excellent! I’ve visited Grace Dental Care Clinic twice in the last year to set a dental implant & crown, I also got a deep clean, 5 filling refills, and 2 caps. The treatment and care were exceptional and pain free. I am a very nervous patient and the staff here took time to explain all procedures and to make my comfort a priority. They are very reasonably priced and pricing includes all the extras, antibiotics, after care pro deal consultation and recheck. My MOUTH FEELS GREAT!


Ilana A. from USA
I would recommended Grace Dental Centre to anyone who wants to have any dental treatment done. The staff have always been very friendly and happy to answer any questions that you might have, and have also been very thorough by doing regular follow up xrays etc.
My husband and I are very happy with the work that we have had done. Thanks Grace Dental Centre.


Wendy Sh. from New Zealand
We were apprehensive to start with but found the dental service way beyond our expectations. From the reception to the final touch, it was perfect. Originally coming from Austria, Germany as well as in New Zealand at different locations and in New Caledonia and believe I have some authority to compare and judge on the high standard in dentistry of the Grace Clinic in Chiangmai. I can wholeheartedly recommend this dental clinic to everybody.


Susanne S. from New Zealand
Coming from New Zealand and needing extensive work (1 root canal, 21 crowns + 4 wisdom teeth extracted) I can only thank everyone from Grace Dental who looked after me so well. Their service with professional is absolutely the best. The quality of the work I received is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone seeking dental work in Thailand/ Chiang Mai. Thanks for everything.


Ian H. from New Zealand
To everyone at Grace,
Many thanks for everything you have done for me, and for being really lovely! I hope to see you when I return to Chiang Mai! Best wishes.


Nichole S. from Australia
Very good organized clinic and work done very well even for complicated procedures. Highly recommendable.


Michael B. from Germany
I have undertaken extensive dental work at Grace Clinic and have been hugely impressed by the skill, kindness and quality of the wok completed and all staff.
I travelled to Chiang Mai because of glowing recommendation and have proven them all to be correct.
I cannot recommend Grace Clinic enough, this has been the best experience I have ever had with a dental practice.


Delys W. from New Zealand
Grace Dental is an amazing credit to Dr.Korakot. Through her hard work and training of her wonderful staff. Grace Dental run a very professional and high technical business. Their work standards and expectations of the quality of their work, are to be perfect in every way. If they are not happy with any part of their work, they go that extra mile to fix it and make it PERFECT.
Thank you Grace Dental, you have given me a huge improvement on my quality of life.
Please pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the staff.
See you again next year.


Carolyn H. from New Zealand
To all the wonderful staff at Grace Dental Clinic, a big Thank-you!! For being there for me and working so hard. I appreciate it all so much!!
It’s been a little rough this time, but it’s so worth it!
Blessing to you all.”


Debra O. from USA
To Dr.Korakot and the team at Grace Dental Clinic
The care we have received whilst on holiday in Thailand has been excellent. As a result our dental health has been vastly improved. Thank you very much.


Ken and Michelle Br. from New Zealand
Having pondered for almost 2 years I took a leap and came to Grace Dental Centre in Chiang Mai for extensive dental treatment. I had 28 years of poor dentition after having had radiotherapy and my last chance before full dental clearance was “Grace” for 15 root canal and 15 crowns. Wow I am so glad I came. The work done is fantastic. The whole clinic is 5 star service and efficiently. I cannot fault anything and I did have a questioning mind having worked for and oral surgeon myself for 8 years. Thank you everyone. I leave with a smile that I am proud to show.


Puala E. from New Zealand
“ขอบ คุณ ครับ! Everyone at Grace. I love my teeth! Best wishes.”


Robin A. from USA
To whom it may concern. My name is Mike K. I travelled over from New Zealand in Aug/Sept 2016 and got dentistry work done at Grace clinic about 10 crowns, several root canals and 2 bridges. The organization is extremely organized and well run. The team of technicians are extremely good. The explain the work clearly and the work is beautiful, and the price of cause was about a third of what it would cost in NZ. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Mike K. from New Zealand
I have extensive treatment over a three week period at Grace Dental in Chiang Mai. This involved amalgam removal, root canal treatment and crowns. Throughout the process the clinicians kept me fully informed of process and outcomes. I am very pleased with the final results and would have no hesitation in recommending Grace Dental.


Andrew S. from New Zealand
I stayed with Grace Clinic for 2.5 years. They took very good care of my teeth. Just an excellent service. I can recommend only!


Benno G. from Switzerland
Dear Staff of Grace Dental,
Thank you for always, blessing me with your cheerfulness and professionalism. You are true to the name of your business – you are all an example of GRACE! With much appreciation, Thanks.


John J. from USA
Grace Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai is simply extraordinary. They have assembled an extremely talented team of dentists covering all specialties imagined. Their staff is kind and caring and efficient. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand and considering doing “Dental Tourism”. Go to Grace Dental Clinic. They are the best


Amy M. from USA
We had some apprehensive beforehand about coming to Thailand for dental treatment. However, our fears proved groundless. Grace Dental Clinic were very thorough and professional, and I was very happy with the work done, which involved replacement of all amalgam fillings, and some new crowns and a bridge. The price was a fraction of the cost in New Zealand. We also enjoyed our time in Thailand.


Chris L. from New Zealand
Honestly, I highly recommend Grace Dental. I’ve had five decades of experience with various dentists, and overall, this is the best clinic I’ve been to. You don’t need to worry about being cheated nor about shoddy work. I’m really pleased to be able to write this recommendation.


Pete M. from USA
The Grace Dental Care Clinic has excellent dentists and wonderful and friendly staff. This practice has the highest of integrity and very high standards. I can recommend this practice to anyone. Thank you Grace Dental Care.


Micheal Sh. from New Zealand
“Thank you to all the great staff at Grace”


Colin M. from USA